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CLOUT is a blockchain based platform intended to promote crypto communities growth. CLOUT is committed towards providing users with quality information about this massively growing space.


The platform consists of a social media interface utilizing user generated content. This also offers additional functionality of monetized rewards for the users for their community interaction.


The CLOUT network hosts a variety of news and articles about the blockchain. Not only this, but articles on crypto investments and even a detailed up to date analysis of all upcoming ICOs will be made available. It is for the first time that influential members of the cryptocurrency community will be acknowledged in CLOUTs  "Who's Who" section, giving them their due recognition they deserve for their positive contributions towards the community. Newcomers to the world of crypto would access highly sought for content to assist them in getting started.



 CLOUT is truly a one-stop-shop for

EVERYTHING that is crypto!

CLOUT is built on the Ethereum network with two native tokens, the CLOUT token (CLOUT) and the other being its daughter token CLC. CLC is what powers the network. Members can use CLC. Furthermore, members will be subsequently rewarded with CLC for their interactions with the CLOUT Network in different ways.

Users can earn their CLC by creating content themselves or sharing a quality post created by any other member. CLC is also earned by "upvoting" quality posts and by leaving quality comments on existing posts.

CLC is what differentiates CLOUT from other platforms. It is only at CLOUT where both the content creator AND the content sharer are rewarded for their positive contributions. Each & Every member of the CLOUT is incentivized to consistently monitor the space for quality information.


There are a total of 100 Million CLOUT tokens which are already created. 1/10 of the total CLOUT tokens are being sold during the ICO. CLOUT plans for longevity by scheduling the periodic release of CLOUT tokens over the time. 1 Million CLOUT tokens will be released every year for over the next 5 years following the ICO.


CLC is generated by holding CLOUT tokens in your wallet.  All CLOUT tokens purchased during the ICO will receive FREE accompanying CLC on a ratio of 1:1. Following the initial disbursement to ICO participants, CLC will generate on a staggered release schedule. For First year following the ICO, 1 CLOUT token will generate 1 CLC per year. The next year, 1 CLOUT token will generate 1 CLC every 2 years. This will continue systematically until 1 billion total CLC are generated. CLC continues to become scarce and valuable with each passing year.



With addition to this, CLOUT tokens have the innate functionality to generate value over the time. They also create 3 ADDITIONAL revenue streams for token holders.

-Generate CLC systematically, which can be used on the network to earn additional CLC

-Earn up to 2% quarterly of total advertising revenue generated by the CLOUT platform

-Receive referral CLC when you refer a new user to the CLOUT network through our referral program




CLOUT tokens & CLCs are based on the latest developments in cryptographic technology. Strict Adherence to the ERC223 standard makes CLOUT & CLC two ofthe safest & transacting tokens in the market.


ERC2233  tokens ares backwards compatible with all ERC20 (current generation) functions and contracts  but with the  added ability to more efficiently handle token transfers an upgrade contracts the blockchain and cryptocurrency world  evolves into amore secure space  the ERC223 token will become the new standard for Ethereum network tokens. Since it is the standard design to resist quantum computer attacks


CLOUT is having it ICOsoon.  The first phase

starts on the 27th of October 2017.  But with  a Pre-ICO for the early birds and accredited investors. Please check

out the ICO section for all of the required details.

After the ICO, CLOUT coins will be listed for sale on exchanges and CLC tokens will be listed in the near future.

Connect with the CLOUT team on Slack, Twitter, Facebook,  YouTube, Telegram and a host of other social media platforms for the latest news leading up to the ICO!!

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Sean Kirtz


Sean is a fintech solution architect and a recognised entrepreneur. He is involved in various aspects of the cryptocurrency markets encompassing from providing trade ideas and chief advisory to direct access “new issue” ICO’s. Sean is consistent in finding opportunities recognizing the value oriented blockchain companies with an emphasis on long term vision and fundamentals. Sean is a digital and marketing specialist with a cogent presence in the cryptocurrency sector. He is accredited with founding Bitcoin Day Traders, a leading social cryptocurrency enthusiast community. Sean is also the founder of XWS - a DevOps, mobile and web company. Sean holds Magna Cum Laude Degree from Florida Atlantic.

David Cohen


David A. Cohen is internationally renowned for his pioneering work in the Decentralized Software industry, Digital Currency and Blockchain industry. David was a member of the IOTA Foundation during the IOTA Token Cryptocurrency launch which broke all previous records reaching a $1.7 Billion market cap on the very first day of trading, as reported by Forbes Magazine on June 13, 2017. David was named as one of the Top 100 Movers and Shakers in the SmartGrid by Greentech Media.


He was the founder and CEO of Infotility where he pioneered the “Grid Edge” unlocking multi-billion dollar software markets and creating the industrys’ first artificial intelligence-based software platform - GridAgents™.

David is a thought leader and has spoken at many venues including MIT, TEDx, Consensus, Blockchain 100X, and Singularity University. He is an expert on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and Edge Computing.




Dennard Small


Dennard Small is a skilled business analyst. Dennard focuses on digital project management and experience overseeing a digital strategy marketing team. A graduate of Clemson University with a B.A. in Political Science & Geography, he has been involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology space since it's inception. With his research first methodology and focused approach, Dennard brings a unique viewpoint to the CLOUT team.


Jeff Kirdeikis


Jeff is the founder of EtheruemInvesting.Info, CryptocurrencyInvesting. News, Cryptocurrency Investing and Ethereum Investing social media organizations. Jeff excels with his expertise at managing top social media and marketing groups. Jeff has grown his following into some of the most active cryptocurrency groups online today. He is also an accomplished entrepreneur, stock market analyst, investor in the equity, cryptocurrency space and social media organizations.


Andrew Ingram


Andrew Ingram is one of the team members as well as Community Manager for Decent.Bet (DBET). He takes responsibility for public relations as well as helping the community expand their knowledge about the entire cryptocurrency market.
Ingram is a public influencer both in and out of the crypto community and is passionate about cryptocurrency mass adoption.

Since discovering the value of blockchain, Ingram wishes to impact people’s lives, help facilitate a global paradigm shift to blockchain technology,help communities build their futures with blockchain technology and decentralization. Ingram wants his successes to be reflected in the educational system, where they will help inspire the youth and spark the flames of innovation for generations to come.

Frank Lucido


Frank handles and oversees the distribution of tokens for ICO's. He collaborates with several exchanges to bring coins to market. He currently overlooks the business structure on cryptocurrency wallets. Frank is involved in the commodity financial markets with commodity trading advisers. He is skilled in leading global business activities, operation management and service management.

Dean James


Dean James is an established entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast. Alongside business associate Sean Kirtz he is the architect of the CLOUT model. Dean is the author of the whitepaper.
Dean received his Supply Chain & Information Systems degree and Business Law degree from Penn State University.

Ryan Fugger


Ryan Fugger is a currency innovator and web/systems developer. Ryan is the founder of the original Ripple project in 2004 with the concept of an open, decentralized network capable of routing payments through multiple intermediaries simultaneously. Ripple merged with Jed McCaleb's OpenCoin in 2012 to form Ripple Inc. (XRP) and this concept is now in the Ripple Consensus Ledger and the Inter Ledger Protocol. His current work consists of consulting blockchain projects and other decentralized systems. Ryan brings his peer to peer expertise and will be involved in the development of the CLOUT platform and its functionality among members.











Serge Nikitin


Serge Nikitin has worked as the CEO of the Leading Russia's Future Fintech in the field of Financial and Blockchain technologies. Serge is highly experienced, Corporate Banking, and Financial Advisory.

With highly developed managerial skills, Serge's other competencies include Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and ICO Project Execution.

Serge earned his Financial Management Education from Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy.

As the CFO at CLOUT, Serge assures the fundings are appropriately allocated and managed in accordance to the Project's Policy & Guidelines.

Destiny Aigbe

General Counsel/Securities Attorney

Mr. Aigbe focuses on financing small private and public firms to broker-dealer disputes and investment fraud. He practices in both public and private offerings, broker-dealer and investment banking matters, secondary market transactions, venture and private equity capital investments, ICO & ITO advisory, and mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Aigbe also represent issuers, underwriters, and placement agents in private and public securities offerings, including reverse mergers, initial public offerings (IPOs), secondary offerings, private placements, debt offerings, private investments in public equity (PIPEs) and equity crowdsourcing.

Mr. Aigbe earned his B.S. in Finance with honors at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business. He attended Vanderbilt University Law School where he focused on the Law of Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions and earned a certificate in Law and Business. His focus is on micro cap and mid cap companies that are involved in a special situation such as a merger, spinoff, or restructurings along with ITO/ICO related projects. From his involvement in online investing communities he has earned a reputation among activist investors and research firms hoping to usher in a new era of disclosure, loyalty, and duty to stockholders and investors.


Ihor Pidruchny


Ihor Pidruchny is a professional technology manager. Ihor has hands-on experience in cryptocurrencies and blockchain as well as social media, B2B and trading solutions. Ihor has extensively worked with Toronto and Silicon Valley startup ecosystem helping them develop top notch products.
With a broad background in the IT world, Ihor is effectively leading the team that provides custom blockchain solutions, technical assistance, and consultancy with trading cryptocurrencies, ICOs; develop new cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.
For the CLOUT project, Ihor coordinates development team and is engaged in the process of project roadmap building, and architecture development.


Bonnie Normile


Bonnie Normile has worked at multiple boutique Public Relations and Communications firms where she managed client accounts in branding, strategy, research and social media. She is an accomplished entrepreneur and a SBA advocate. Bonnie holds her B.A. in Business Administration from Berkeley College.

Anurag Rathore


Anurag Rathore is a Computer Science Engineer from University Institute of Information Technology Shimla India. With it, Mr. Rathore is Redhat Certified Engineer & Redhat Certified System Administrator. Mr. Rathore also holds Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing & Switching Certification.


Mr. Rathore has rich experience with working in projects involving Linux Server Administration. He holds expertise in Discrete Mathematics & Project Management.


Mr. Rathore is spearheading the Crypto Revolution in Indian Subcontinent. For past two years he has been actively engaged in trading Stocks, Forex, Crypto and Binary. Having worked in Project Management of various Crypto Currency Projects, he brings something unique and new to the table backed by his huge support network of people from various horizons. He has also been an active contributor towards the Crypto Community by Administering Crypto Warriors group on Facebook accounting for 18K plus of membership where he offers Technical Analysis, Charting & Trade Calls.


Atsushi Hisatsumi


Founder of Extravaganza Software, currently based in Roppongi Hills, International acclaimed Atsushi Hisatsumi is one of the most influential Media figures in Japan. A social media entrepreneur, singer, DJ and producer Atsushi’s runs a very successful Social Media Digital Marketing consulting agency which has made him become a multi-millionaire at a young age.

Atsushi’s passion is to be a role model to the younger generation, and to make them see that through the development of technology and decentralised media and communications, there are unlimited potentials to become successful.
Atsushi’s vision is that blockchain technology can bring in positive changes to many industries and that the people of the world will benefit the most from these changes.
















Francisco Jo


Francisco is a Founder and CIO of Coinhills,

He has an active passion towards fintech evolution and the use of data analytics.

He is considered the brain behind enhancing Coinhill’s platform offerings,

to provide one-stop access to blockchain data for people involved in digital finance vertical.


Based on his successful experience of investing in blockchain industries,

Francisco has been getting a strong interest in blockchain, fintech and especially digital assets.


He is contributing on data analysis and visualization service about various crypto information.

Also he accomplished a good few blockchain projects successfully as a strategist.

Henry Wang


Henry Wang is the Founder and CEO of Firefly Mesh. He is also the Founder and President of International Blockchain Application Federation (IBAF).

Henry’s drive and vision is to build Decentralized Autonomous Mobile Mesh Network and promote the next generation application ecosystems which can build the global sharing platform of interconnection and interoperation based on blockchain.

Henry founded the International Blockchain Application Federation (IBAF) to promote worldwide blockchain applications.

Henry earned his M.S. in Beijing University and he pursued PHD study at Physics Department in Northwestern University with a full scholarship. In 2000, Henry transferred to Washington University in St. Louis for PHD study in Computer Science. He earned the Master Degree with expertise in Internet Tunneling Protocol Design.

Henry is a thought leader and an expert on Internet Protocols, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Edge Computing.


Afrikanus Kofi Akosa


Afrikanus Kofi Akosah Adusei is a journalist by profession and a Free Market activist who is from Ghana, West Africa. Through his Africa Youth Peace Call which he founded in 1997 more than 2000 African youth were educated in Free Markets Economics and entrepreneurship, many of whom have moved on to start businesses and institutions to advocate for market reforms in Africa.
In 2007, he won the 1st Prize Award of the Mont Pelerin Society Essay Competition for Africans under 30 with an essay on Ghana's Telecommunication Liberalization. This man single-handedly brought Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency and Libertarianism to his native Ghana.
Since 2011, he has been spreading Bitcoin/Blockchain technologies in Ghana through his Liberty and Entrepreneurship Camps. In 2014, he partnered with Bitnation to run a Blockchain Land Title system in northern Ghana which is still ongoing.
Kofi writes for the Cointelegraph, CryptoCoinsNews, Core Media and Bitcoinchaser with the pen name Frisco d'Anconia. Currently, he is travelling through the African continent promoting and writing about Cryptocurrencies/Blockchain technologies and its communities for the Crypto journals.
The tour is dubbed as, ‘Across Africa With Bitcoin’. He ardently believes that Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies are the answer to Africa's copious malaise.
He holds an Associate Degree in Communication Studies from the Africa University College of Communications in Accra, Ghana. His interests comprises of Economic Freedom in the world, Fintech, writing, teaching and travelling.

Simon Josef


Simon is a graphic and UX/UI designer. Simon is a marketing expert with over 10 years of experience. Simon constantly strives to find creative solutions to the visual communication problems faced by the Fintech Space. Currently, focusing on blockchain technology information design. Simon helps companies across the globe to present their technology in visual form in order to make it understandable to a wider audience. Simon is responsible for the overall image of the CLOUT brand.


Andrew Zubko


Andrew Zubko is an experienced blockchain developer. He is a technology expert leading the development team for CLOUT.
Having successfully completed many complex blockchain projects for the clients from public and private sectors. Andrew possesses extensive expertise that enables him to find new approaches, choose top notch technologies and the best solutions.

Andrew first touched blockchain in 2014 participating in technical support of ICO and cryptocurrency ecosystem before it was mainstream.
Andrew’s technology stack spans but not limits to C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Solidity. For Clout, he is mainly focused on designing and implementing the project architecture.



Vilma Mattila


Vilma Mattila holds Licentiate of Law & Business and MBA from London School of Management. She speaks five languages which has a clear effect on respecting the approach she takes, regarding her diverse strategies and business methods.

She has background working in European Chamber of Commerce in China where she handled foreign direct investments, advised in business & tax issues and planned global strategic growth plans. She has experience with business in three continents. Her special skills emphasize on Greater China & Asia Pacific market. Vilma is currently based in China.

She excels with her expertise in Intellectual Property Law as well as Information & Communications Technology Law. In addition she was a participant of Economic Olympics.
Vilma is a goal oriented, visionary, with global strategic planning and executing approach.

Her interests and work includes business and regulatory matters related to Blockchain Technology. She is fascinated by Fintech, Blockchain Technology. Futurism and building a community for women in cryptocurrency.

Jen Buakaew


Jen Buakaew obtained a Master of Business Administration International from Griffith University, Australia.
Winner of the prestigious UMAP Scholarship, Jen's specialisation and passion is Strategic Marketing.

Born in Thailand, currently based in Perth Western Australia. Jen has extensive experience in International Marketing, Foreign Direct Investment and Brand Strategic Management.

Jen is obsessed with Blockchain Technology, FinTech and Crypto Currencies. She believes they are the key ingredients for our world to transform.

For Clout Project, Jen manages the Marketing strategies and investment collaboration within the Asia and Pacific region.

Issac Lee


Founder and COO of KRT Group. A young entrepreneur with passion and experience in the forex and crypto
Markets. In past worked closely with several Prime FX brokerages. His expertise in traditional financial
markets brings immense value to the company. Ever since he developed a profound interest in blockchain,
he has been an investor and advisor to numerous token projects. A seasoned professional with a vision in the
market of crypto assets. Issac has deep understanding and influence in Korean crypto market, thereby providing
top-notch consultations to various clients.